Release Date and Cast for Season 2 of The Summer I Turned Pretty

“The Summer I Turned Pretty” season one was filled with surprises for OG book-lovers, introducing fresh elements to the story while staying true to Jenny Han’s book. Conrad and Jeremiah’s love triangle, Belly’s navigation of her feelings and relationships, and Susannah’s battle with cancer were major plot points in the first season. Fans of the show can look to the second book in the series, “It’s Not Summer Without You,” for a possible road map of what’s to come.

The first season ended with Belly and Conrad finally sharing a kiss. Jeremiah, who had begun pursuing Belly romantically, is unaware of this development. Season two will likely revolve around Belly’s dilemma in choosing between her two lifelong friends. With Conrad’s track record of being emotionally unavailable, the love triangle is sure to be fraught with tension.

The season one finale offered some hope for Susannah’s battle with cancer. However, fans of the books know that the second season may pick up after her death. Conrad’s grief over losing his mother will take center stage in this season, causing him to shut down emotionally. As a result, his budding relationship with Belly is doomed.

The second book in the series introduces an impromptu road trip that Belly takes with Jeremiah after Conrad disappears. During this trip, they all confront their internal struggles and gain clarity about their feelings. Will the show follow this storyline, or will they take liberties with it? Fans will have to wait and see.

Overall, season one of “The Summer I Turned Pretty” was a fresh take on the beloved book series. However, there remain unanswered questions that fans hope the second season will address. With the love triangle, Conrad’s emotional journey, and the road trip, viewers are in for an emotional rollercoaster ride. Will Belly choose between Conrad and Jeremiah? Will Conrad ever be able to open up emotionally? Only time will tell.

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