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Jason Oppenheim Reveals Reason Behind His Split with Mary Fitzgerald

Jason Oppenheim, the star of the Netflix reality series “Selling Sunset,” finally opened up about the reason behind his split with Mary Fitzgerald. In an interview with SiriusXM’s Hits 1 LA on May 26, Oppenheim divulged that the reason behind the separation was because of Fitzgerald’s unwillingness to commit to having children.

The Break-Up

Oppenheim acknowledged that their split was difficult for both parties but stressed that they still “love” each other. “We had a wonderful relationship, and I’m grateful for that, but sometimes people want different things,” Oppenheim stated. “Mary and I are in different places in our lives right now, and it’s not something that I think can be resolved through conversation.”

Oppenheim explained that despite proposing to Fitzgerald, he recognized that they had different priorities and goals for their future. “I proposed to Mary because I loved her, and I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her,” Oppenheim shared. “But I started to realize that having children was something I wanted, and unfortunately, it wasn’t something that Mary was willing to commit to.”

The Future of the Show

Oppenheim commented on how the split would affect the show, saying that anything that impacts one of the members of the cast inevitably affects the dynamic of their real estate agency and thus, the show itself. However, he is optimistic in moving forward and promises that the show will continue to maintain its popular format.

The Bottom Line

Oppenheim’s revelation on the reason behind his split with Fitzgerald brings to light an issue that many couples face in today’s society. While the situation might be tough for both parties, making the right decision means being honest with oneself and acknowledging the importance of one’s goals and priorities.

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